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We lived in UK throughout 2013.   During the last six years we have lived on 3 different continents.   Lots of different languages, cultures and living conditions to experience.  We have been blessed to have the health and opportunities to serve in so many parts of the world.

January 2013 - Snow in the UK
Jan 13 - Snow in UK

February 2013 - Life and Travel in the UK
Feb 13 - Life in the UK

April 2013 - Springtime in the UK
Apr 13 - Spring in UK

June 2013 - Start of Summertime in the UK
June 13 - Start of Summer in UK

August 2013 - Visit to Turkey, where the Apostle Paul travelled
Aug 13 - Turkey Trip

September 2013 - Paris Visit
Sep 13 - Paris Trip

October 2013 - Falltime in the UK
Oct 13 - Fall Time in UK_

November 2013 - Thanksgiving on the Danube River
Nov 13 Thanksgiving on the Danube River



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