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04/20/08 (Richard) 

Our Cornerstone Sunday School class held a Christian Passover celebration.   We celebrate our deliverance through the Messiah Jesus Christ as we anxiously await His return.

200804 Passover302

200804 Passover-202 200804 Passover-003

200804 Passover-102 200804 Passover-302

200804 Passover-402 200804 Passover-502

200804 Passover-602 200804 Passover-702
200804 Passover-802


 04/12/08 (Suzanna)   

We were thrilled to have friends from Virginia visit us two consecutive weekends in April – traveling to and returning from Branson, MO!

Joyce (Best) Lemon and her husband Bob live in Lynchburg, VA.   Elnora (Joyce’s sister) and her husband Marvin Snyder live in Vesuvius, VA

200804 Lemon & Snyder  Visit-203

Suzanna, Joyce & Bob Lemon, Elnora & Marvin Snyder

200804 Lemon & Snyder  Visit02

Marvin & Elnora Snyder, Suzanna Hanham, Bob & Joyce Lemon at Moonlite BBQ in Owensboro, KY

200804 Joyce and Suzanna02

Suzanna had not seen Joyce since our wedding September 13, 2003


04/05/08 (Richard)

Suzanna has two neighborhood buddies, who walk with her each day.

200803 Pets-102 200803 Pets-202
                            Sadie                            Spencer

Here is another of Suzanna’s friends.   Cleverly, he uses the squirrel guard as a perch to eat the cardinal’s sunflower seeds
200803 Pets02




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