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(04/17/10 (Suzanna and Richard) 

Belated Happy Easter!  We were thrilled to be able to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ at a cemetery in our city with 600 other rejoicing people!

201004_04 Sunrise Service_SM

April 15 makes one year since we first set foot in South Asia!  What a great adventure we are having, visiting new areas! 
201002_20 Richard at India Map_SM

Praise God for the arrival of a new grandchild (our first granddaughter) – Kaitlyn Renee Estes on April 12, 2010!  She lives in OK City with our daughter Renee and her husband Michael and son Ian (age 2 years 4 months).
201004_12 Estes, Kaitlyn and Ian_SM
Here is Kaitlyn with her big brother Ian.

This climate is great for producing vegetables and flowers!  Check out the size of these dahlias and the poinsettia!
201002_19 Kolkata BMS Guesthouse Poinsetta_SM201002_15 Dhaka Flowers_SM

On a recent trip, we toured the remains of a walled city atop a hill overlooking a modern metropolis (New Delhi).
201002_16 Delhi Richard and Suzanna_SM2

Monkeys are revered and plentiful.  Suzanna is hoping Richard will take the picture quickly before that monkey jumps on her!
201002_16 Delhi Monkeys_SM

Due to the extreme poverty, beggars and street dwellers are everywhere!
201002_09 Woman sleeping on sidewalk_SM
201002_12 Beggar Boy_SM201002_26 Beggar Children_SM

These happy children live in an orphanage run by Korean and German missionaries.
201002_21 Home of Love_SM

We recently visited the home of Mother Teresa and an elaborate Hindu temple.
201002_19 Mother Teresa's Tomb_SM
201002_19 Hindu Temple, Suzanna_SM

Seeing foreigners always draws a curious, staring crowd.  When we visited the zoo, nationals were taking pictures of us instead of the animals in cages!  When Suzanna visited this neighborhood recently, mothers were eager to talk and have their pictures taken.
201001_30 Home Visits Mothers & Babies_SM (2)

We are meeting new friends from around the world!

Suzanna is helping this Korean friend with conversational English.
201003_3 Lee, Meeyeon_SM

This family from Africa moved to our town.   He speaks some English, but his wife only speaks French.
201003_12 Reformed Chr Church_Pastor_SM

Adult birthdays are not celebrated in this culture, but we celebrated our household helper’s birthday by treating him and his family to a day at an amusement park.  We had a wonderful time!
201003_13 Shonkar's Family_SM



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