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04/15/11 (Suzanna and Richard) 


Two years ago today we first set foot on South Asian soil!  What mixed emotions we had – joy in finally arriving, anxiety and apprehension about what lay ahead, childlike trust in the Lord!

Looking back, we realize many of our fears were a waste of energy.  No, this is not an easy place to live; but we feel abundantly blessed.  We have not only survived but thrived!  We’ve maintained a sense of humor, and we’ve developed friendships so deep that we are already grieving at the thought of leaving these folks behind.  After our trip to America, we will relocate in our capital city and will seldom if ever see many of our friends here in this city.  January of 2012 will end our time in this country.

Although we have both had some illness the last 3 days, overall we have been healthy and safe.  We need prayers at this time as we recover and regain our strength.

Looking ahead, we are thrilled that next month (mid-May to mid-June) we will visit America!  Again we have mixed emotions.  Will we remember to drive on the correct side of the road?  How will our digestive systems react to American foods?  Will the clothes we have in storage be OK to wear and will they still be in style?  Will we be shocked at the prices of food, medicine and gasoline in America?   Will we remember how to write a check or use a credit card?  Will we experience culture shock?

We look forward to spending time with many of you who take time to correspond with us, read our postings, and pray for us!

Our trip was off to a revolting start when we discovered the first leg had been canceled due to high winds in Chicago!  We were rerouted, and it actually turned out to be better than the original plan!
200904_13 Evansville Airport

Our first rickshaw ride, before Suzanna purchased culturally appropriate clothing
200904_16 Rickshaw

Richard with beggar children this week
201104_10 Richard with Beggar Children

Suzanna with friend
201102_11 Muslim Lady and Suzanna

One of our rich neighbors keeps 8 deer on a vacant lot.   It is technically illegal to keep wild animals in the city, but laws are flexible for the wealthy and politically connected.
201102_27 Deer in Khulshi

Recently a power transformer blew up near our home.   The young barefoot repairmen brace a rickety bamboo ladder against the live wires and work only with the most basic tools.
201104_12 Repairing Electrical Transformer

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.

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