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04/24/12    Saying Goodbye to South Asia! (Part 2)

As the days countdown to our departure on May 10th, we wanted to include some additional pictures as we say good bye to our friends and life in South Asia.  We sold our home in Kentucky and left in January 2009.   For over three years we have been immersed in another culture, lifestyle and language.
000_201204_13 Rickshaw_CR_SM03

We made one last trip back to our former city and participated in Good Friday services at our house church.  Our pastor translated Richard’s message on the Seven Sayings of Christ from the Cross.
001_201204_06 Richard on Good Fri, Chak Translating (2)_SM02

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner with our pastor and his family.
002_201204_06 Chakrabortys_SM02

This friend is currently in her 51st year of service in this country!  She is returning to live in America this summer.
003a_201204_06 Lynn Silvernail, Richard and Suz (2)_SM02

Our language teacher, whose wedding we attended 2 years ago, has a beautiful little daughter!
003b 201204_04 Richard, Suz, Christina,Panna_SM02

What a thoughtful farewell gift!
004_201204_06 Farewell Picture_Ramseys_SM02

Our current international church pastor and family
005a_201203_23 Chambers Family_SM202

Friends from international church – doctors from UK who have served here for many years but are returning to UK this summer
005b 201203_02 Teresa and Mark Pietroni_CR,SM03

We went shopping for friends who will soon arrive in our country.  This shop owner (far left) was very friendly and helpful and asked us to take a gift back to America for a friend of his.  He had it delivered to us that same night.  Four days later the man dropped dead with a heart attack!
006_201204_20 NewMkt Shopping for Smiths (3)_SM02

When this gas pipe was dug up, we realized why our gas pressure had been sporadic for months and why we had been without gas for the past 4 days during our last week in South Asia!
007_201204_22 Gas pipes_SM02

We tried to finish all of our work to make it easier for those who continue in our place.
008_201204_18 Richard with KBHC manuals_SM02

We treated our friends and helpers to box lunches and enjoyed some farewell fellowship. 
03b 201204_19 Staff Lunch (5)_SM02  03A_201204_19 Staff Lunch (4)_SM02

03c_201204_19 Staff Lunch_Ripon, Mobarak, Juliet_CR,SM02  03f 201204_19 Staff Lunch_George_CR,SM02

We gave them a picture.
010_201204_23 Staff with Hanhams_SM02

Our last days in country were more hectic because of 3 consecutive days of national strikes.  We had to be at the airport before 6 am even though our flight was not until afternoon. 
011A,B_201204_24 Suz waiting at Dhaka airport (2)_SM02

011A,B_201204_24 Suz waiting at Dhaka airport_SM02

We are taking back the same amount of luggage we brought with us 3+ years ago – 3 suitcases/trunks and a backpack each.  We kept rearranging contents and weighing everything.
012_201204_24 Rearranging luggage contents_SM02

We were sad to leave Penny, but we hope visitors to the guest house like this little boy will play with her and pet her.
07_201202_13 KBHC Guests (3)_SM02

Our 3+ years living in South Asia ended April 24, 2012.  It was with mixed emotions that we bade farewell to beloved friends and helpers.  We developed relationships that will endure the rest of our lives and even into eternity!  We are so thankful to God for His many blessings on us during our time in South Asia!

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Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.

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