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04/16/13   Easter and Spring in UK 

Spring has been very slow coming to UK!   Even in April, we were still getting fluffy white sunshine.
001_201303_23 Snowy Spring_SM02

Before Easter, Richard led a Bible study with some friends.
002_201303_27 Richard leading chapel_SM02

Good Friday, 2013 – We attended a special service at Brimpton Baptist Church – established in 1843!  What a wonderful day of worship and fellowship!
003A_201303_29  Brimpton Bapt2_SM03

003B_201303_29  Brimpton Bapt_SM02

It was a blessing to visit and go to church with the Daniels family.  They visited us in February.  Kristi is from Peterstown, WV.
004_201303_29  Daniels - Tadley_SM02

During Easter break we visited some historic sites: 

Ightham Mote - 14th century manor house surrounded by a beautiful moat
005A_201303_30 Ightham Mote (12)_SM02

Walmer Castle and Gardens - coastal castle built by King Henry VIII and recently used as a summer vacation home by Queen Elizabeth
005B_201303_31 Walmer Castle and Gardens_SM02

Dover Castle - coastal castle built by King Henry VIII with secret underground tunnels that were used in WW II to manage the rescue from Dunkirk and direct British air defenses.
005C_201304_01 Dover Castle (13)_SM02

Despite the cold weather and showers of snow and sleet alternating with sunshine, it was wonderful to visit the White Cliffs of Dover. 
006A_201303_30 White Cliffs of Dover (18)_SM02
It was wonderful to warm up with hot tea and scones at the Lighthouse of Dover after a 2 mile trek along the cliffs.
006B_201303_30 Lighthouse at Dover (12)_SM02

On Easter Sunday we attended First Baptist Church of Dover.
007_201303_31 Dover Churches2_SM02

In the wartime tunnels under Dover Castle, Richard pondered the British WW II war effort as he donned this old Royal Air Force jacket.
008_201304_01 Dover Castle (10)_SM02

We walk over these train tracks as we walk from our apartment to the office.
009A_201303_22 Redhill-Reigate Train_SM03
Whenever we journey to London, the train is the best way to go.
009B_201304_14 Hanhams, Redhill Train Sta) (2)_SM02

What a blessing to attend Metropolitan Tabernacle in London!  It is awesome to walk where great Christian leaders, such as Charles Spurgeon, have walked and worked!  
010_201304_14 Metropolitan Tabernacle, London_SM02
The church was started in 1650 and moved to this present location in 1859.
011_201304_14 Metropolitan Tabernacle, London  (2)_SM02

012_201304_14 Metropolitan Tabernacle, London  (8)_SM02

Richard with Dr. Peter Masters standing in front of C. H. Spurgeon’s pulpit and the last portrait painted of that great theologian.
013_201304_14 Richard with Pastor Masters, Metopolitan Tabernacle, London_SM02

After church, we enjoyed the nicest weather since we arrived in UK more than 5 months ago.  How pleasant to enjoy blue skies and sunshine as we visited sites like the London Eye!
014_201304_14 Hanhams, London Eye (3)_SM02

One morning in March we joined friends for some English Indoor Bowling.   This was considerably different from American bowling – green carpet instead of lanes, smaller lopsided bowling balls that naturally roll in an arc, and a single cue ball instead of 10 pins.
201303_15 Bowls Time02

We always enjoy spotting the colorful wild pheasants that live throughout the country.
201303_29  Pheasant02


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