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09/13/10 (Suzanna) 

Praise the Lord for our 7th wedding anniversary which we celebrated September 13th!  How time flies!  Little did we realize the day we said “I do” that we would be living in South Asia!  September 13th also marked 17 months since we last had our feet on American soil.  What an adventure!


We have been delayed in updating our site because Richard had been very ill with Dengue fever – a mosquito-borne disease.  If you are not familiar with its symptoms, check it out online.  (Suggestion:  webmd.com)  Please pray for his continued recovery, which is a very slow process of regaining his energy!  We have heard of several cases of Dengue fever and swine flu among our friends, so please pray for all of them, too!

Rejoice with our family!  August 17, 2010, cousin Rebecca and her husband Dana finalized adoption of Zoey!  They brought her home from the hospital when she was a newborn, and she is 21 months old.  She has been such a source of delight for all of our family.
201008_17 Zoeie's Adoption2

This boy’s name is Heaven!  Environmental protection is a concern on this side of the world.  Behind him is a poster he made in his English-medium school about pollution.  We visited his apartment to buy blankets which his mother weaves on a loom.
201008_20 Heaven with environmental pollution poster

We enjoyed a ride on this scenic lake recently.  The lake is used to transport people as well as goods.  Homes are very simple.
201008_17 Boat Tour (5)

201008_17 Boat Tour_Tribals

201008_17 Boat Tour_Homes

Bamboo is used for many things here – houses, fences, mats.  It is also used for cooking and serving food and for smoking!
IMG_4937 Suz and Ginny eating bamboo chicken_ Lake Restaurant02

201008_22 Bamboo Pipe_cropped

Check the tag in your clothing!  It may have been made in our city!
201008_17 Garment Factory03

We saw thousands of green bananas going to market!  There are many varieties of bananas here, and some have small black seeds as hard as a BB!
201008_24 Green Bananas (2)

201004_09 Banana seeds

POVERTY and DESTITUTION!  This picture needs no words of explanation.
201004_28 Beggars at Train Station (2)

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.

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