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08/31/12    Travelling through WV, VA, KY, AR, OK and TX

August was a month full of travel and visits with family and friends!

Visiting West Virginia and Virginia

On our drive to WV, we stopped to see Charles and Evelyn Williams.   Charles and Evelyn were moving from their home of 41 years in Lawrenceburg, KY, to Richmond, KY.
001_201207_28 Charles and Evelyn Williams_SM

We had a wonderful visit in the home and church of Rev. Ron Lee and his wife, Suzanna’s cousin, Jackie
002_201207_29 Richard, Suzanna, Jackie, Ron, Isaac
Isaac and Ron Lee (Suzanna and Isaac share a birth date - August 13)

Maggie and Pastor Warren Dove
004_201207_31 Maggie and Warren Dove

We shared about our South Asia work during a Christian Women’s Fellowship meeting
005_201208_01 Richard and Suz at Rockcastle

We also spoke at West View Baptist Church near Beckley, WV
006_201208_01 Sue and Blake Farley, Bernie and Bud IsraelSuz and Richard (2)
(Sue and Blake Farley, Bernie and Pastor Bud Israel, Suzanna and Richard)

We enjoyed visiting with Carl and Zelma Stewart.  Suzanna played piano for their quartet, The Gospelaires, when she was in high school.
007_201208_02 Carl and Zelma Stewart and Suzanna_SM

Marsha and Pastor George Stamper (Marsha directed our wedding and made our wedding cakes.)
008_201208_03 Marsha and George Stamper_SM

Our WV family are farmers, and we enjoyed vegetables from their garden.  Mamie and Jack share this garden with Aunt Margaret and Uncle Bill Terry.
009B_201208_03 Suz, Mamie, Bill, Margaret, Jack (2)

Suzanna enjoyed seeing school friends when we attended the annual alumni picnic at Oceana High School
009D_201208_04 OHS Picnic Collage

In Craigsville, WV, we spent time with the Johnson family – Susan, Holly Jo, Craig, Suzie, and Agnes
010_201208_05 Johnson Family_SM02

Richard with Pastor David Sommerville
011_201208_05 David Sommerville and Richard_SM

In Lynchburg, VA, we renewed acquaintance with Joyce (Best) Lemon (seated), her husband Bob (holding hot dog), Polly, Amber, and their dog Sonny III. 
013A_201208_07 Best-Lemon Collage
Amber and her children - Polly and her children - Several people took turns playing our harmonium

Pastor David and Linda Critcher
015_201208_08 David and Linda Critcher_SM

We participated in a wonderful conference near Richmond, VA
016_201208_08 ILC Mural (2)

Suzanna and Mamie celebrated their August birthdays together for the first time in several years.
017_201208_13 Mamie and Suzanna's birthday celebration

Returning to Kentucky

As we returned to our home in KY, we were delighted to see Christians erecting this Ten Commandments sign. 
018_201208_14 10 Comm KY_SM

Our Sunday School class enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship and delicious food!
019_201208_17 SS Class Dinner (6)

Visiting Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas!

It was a joy to visit with children Pete and Renee and their families!  The grandchildren have grown so tall while we were overseas.  We were sorry that we could not see Renee’s husband Michael who was unable to attend due to a death in his family.  Pete, Renee and their families met us at the Janet Huckabee Nature Center in Ft Smith AR for a picnic and family reunion.

Renee, Richard, and Pete
001_201208_25 Renee, Richard, and Pete

Our children and grandchildren - Breyhdunn, Kaetlynn, Tammy and Kipper, Pete and Kaitlyn, Renee and Ian at a nature park in AR.
003_201208_25 Pete Hanham Family with Renee and children

Kaitlyn and Ian enjoying lunch;
004_201208_25 Kaitlyn and Ian eating, Kipper
Kipper taking a walk in the park.

Breyhdunn, Kaetlynn, Tammy, Pete, and Kipper
005_201208_25 Pete Hanham Family (7)

Kaetlynn with her boyfriend, Derrick
006_201208_25 Pete, Kipper, Tammy,Derrick,Kaetlyn
Pete, Tammy, and Kipper

Renee and her children
007_201208_25 Renee and children near water

Grandsons Marshall and Mason with Suzanna and Richard at a church in OK
011_201208_26 Marshall and Mason with Richard and Suzanna at church (4)

Mason and Marshall Hanham with April (their mother), Justin, and Gracie Vaughn
012_201208_26 Hanham and Vaughn family_SM

Richard meeting with Rodney Cavett near Dallas TX
013_201208_27 Richard with Rodney Cavett (2)

While in TX, it was a special blessing to have one last visit with Jeff and Rebecca Epley and their children before they returned to South Asia.014_201208_27 Epley Family (2)

We had a great visit with Sandra and Jim Kilgore in their Batesville, AR, home.  We spent hours sharing our memories of work in South Asia.
015_201208_28 Sandra and Jim Kilgore (2)

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Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.

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