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(12/31/09 (Richard) 

Christmas Time
The weather may be warmer and the stores are not commercializing Christmas, but we still are celebrating the Christmas season in our home.  There were not any Christmas trees for sale, so we have decorated a small evergreen tree we had growing on our veranda.  It looks like a "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree.  
200912_18  Hanham Family Tree

Suzanna wore a traditional tribal Christmas skirt she received from the Bawm tribe.
200912_18 Suzy in Bom Tribal Dress

Winter Weddings
Winter is the time of year for weddings in this country.  Families overspend on decorations and the ceremony.  Many wedding ceremonies last for four days.   Even the buildings and roads around the wedding location are adorned with millions of lights.
200912_19 Wedding Lights-R200912_19 Wedding Lights-S

Christmas Eve Dinner
We are blessed to have staff to cook, drive, handle errands and assist with our language studies.   Most have never tasted traditional American holiday foods.   This year we decided to prepare a traditional Christmas dinner for our staff and their families on Christmas Eve, as well as one national family who are friends.
200912_24 Christmas Dinner Guests

Turkeys are priced as if they are made of gold, so we settled for four chickens.  Buying chickens is a unique experience.  You select live chickens at the market.  They are killed and plucked in less than 30 minutes, so they are very fresh.  They even come with the head, feet, and other organs that Penny enjoys eating! 
200912_23 Chicken Preparation

Many foods are not readily available in this country, so we purchased some in advance and relied on friends to bring or send additional items.   The Christmas dinner menu included:
Chickens (baked – something the nationals have not eaten, because kitchens usually have no ovens; everything is fried)
Cranberry sauce
Mashed potatoes
Sweet potato casserole (using pumpkin)
Jell-O salad
Strawberry cake (birthday cake for Jesus)
200912_24 Christmas Dinner

Cleanup after the dinner is certainly more work.  There is no automatic dishwasher and to get hot water for the dishes, it must be boiled on the stove.
200912_24 Clean up time

Some of our guests were so eager that they arrived hours early, so we put them to work on a jigsaw puzzle that we had recently received from America.
200912_24 Day Family Puzzle

Political Rallies
The local taxi and CNG drivers were holding elections this week.  Election posters were everywhere.
200912_25 Political Rally

Christmas Greetings
We attended a Christmas party at a local restaurant.  Of course they had a Santa Claus, but he looked a little different from the typical American ones.
200912_25 Santa at Meridian

Our family (including Penny) wants to wish our family and friends a belated Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Blessed New Year!
200912_24 Hanhams and Penny

200912_29 Penny in R's Lap


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