1/19/2007 (Suzanna)
Richard and I praise God for a wonderful year of 2006 and especially the Christmas season. 

After Thanksgiving we begin our annual mounting of the Christmas lights.   Since our house is so far from the road we focus on lighting up the arch over our driveway entrance.
200611 Putting Up Chr Lights

As always, our Sunday School class celebrates Christmas with a time of food, fellowship and reading of the Nativity story. 200612a SS Class Christmas Party

We were blessed to have family and friends with us for more than a week.  Mom, Mamie, and Jack came December 20. 
200612b Christmas1

200612b Christmas2

200612b Christmas 3

On Christmas Day we were joined by Jack’s son, JJ, and his girlfriend Kara – a pleasant surprise for us all. 
200612b zChristmas02

Traditionally we open the Christmas gifts on Sunday morning after enjoying a bountiful breakfast and another reading of the Nativity Story.
200612c Christmas 1

200612c Christmas2

The WV family left Tuesday morning, and Pete and grandsons (Marshall and Mason) arrived the same afternoon.  It was their first visit to KY, and we all enjoyed their time here so very much. We had taken the WV and AR families to see “The Nativity Story” movie and enjoyed it even more the second time.  Please see it if you have not! 
200612d Christmas

200612d Early BD Celebration

200612d Ice Skating

200612d Marshall playing dulcimer

200612d Panther Ck Pk

200612d Woodworking

Pete and the boys left Saturday morning, and friends Helen and George Durham flew into Owensboro that afternoon.  George, who is a pilot, manages an airport in Mayfield, KY.  Helen continues to maintain their home in FL.  I hadn’t seen them in 22 years, so it was a joy to have them visit and go to church with us yesterday morning.  George played his trumpet for our 8:00 a.m. service.
200612f Durhams

George and Helen left Sunday afternoon, so we’ve had a quiet beginning of the New Year.  In addition to visits, we enjoyed telephone conversations with family in OK, AZ, and Canada.

In keeping with Richard’s English/Scottish heritage, we celebrated the Twelve Days of Christmas, ending with our Sunday School class coming here Saturday night for a celebration of Epiphany (the traditional day the Wise Men arrived in Bethlehem).  It was an informal get-together with finger goods and a gift exchange.  January is Richard’s birthday, as well as Mike Baldwin and Kenneth Rafferty, so we had lots to celebrate!
200701 Epiphany02

Daughter Renee is now working as a nurse in Norman OK and she and her husband have just bought their first house.   It is near the hospital, so in future years Renee will not have as far to drive in the Oklahoma snow.
200701b Renee House


Family December 06