09/09/2006 (Suzanna) - Happy Fall!  We’re back after a computer crash in early summer prevented our updating our website. 

June 5 Suzanna had surgeries on both feet (5 incisions).  By God’s healing grace and Richard’s great care, she recuperated in record time.
 200606 Foot Surgeries_203

Our Cornerstone Sunday School class, which Richard teaches, hosted a 50th birthday party for our pastor, Kenneth Stone.
200606 Kenny Stone's 50th BD Party

200608 Cornerstone SS Class

Suzanna’s annual family reunion in WV July 1 was marred by the stroke of her Aunt Anna Belcher, who died the next night.  Our visit was extended so we could attend her funeral Wednesday, July 5.  Despite the sad occasion, there was time for some family fellowship and joy.  Please pray for Suzanna’s mother and her remaining sister, Margaret Terry, as they deal with the loss and grief.  We all loved Aunt Anna dearly and miss her and her delicious pound cakes. 
 200607 Elizabeth's Family

Labor Day weekend Suzanna attended her 40th reunion of the Oceana High School Class of 1966.  It was a wonderful time of renewing old acquaintances.    At Sunday morning’s church service, the class president, Rev. Randall Topping, preached a wonderful sermon.  Best of all, classmate Darrell Lester went forward to accept Christ as Savior!  Suzanna won a television which she donated to our classroom at church. While in WV we also celebrated Mamie’s 50th birthday with a family cookout.
 200608 OHS Reunion02

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