(02/07/09 (Suzanna & Richard)  While visiting Reg and Carrie in Phoenix in January, we took a short trip to Tucson AZ where we visited the last remaining Titan II nuclear missile silo.  The nuclear warhead had been removed and the silo doors disabled.   Otherwise the missile silo looked like it had during the Cold War years.
200901 Titan Missile Museum02

200901 Titan Missile Museum202
Suzanna is operating the controls which would initiate the missile launch sequence.

Next we took a trip back in time by visiting the nearby town of Tombstone AZ, where Suzanna met Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson and one of the Clancey brothers.
200901 Tombstone AZ_OK Corral Gunfight02

We left Owensboro January 22 on our way to job training near Richmond, VA.  We visited family and friends in WV and VA.   In Beckley WV, we met with George and Marsha Stamper.
200901  WV Stampers

Then in Craigsville WV we stayed with Agnes Johnson and visited her church on Sunday.
200901  WV Johnson, Agnes

In Lynchburg VA we stayed with our friends, Bob and Joyce Lemon and their new puppy “Sonny”.
200101 Lemon, Bob, Joyce, Sonny, Suzanna02

Finally we arrived at our destination on January 26th in the midst of an ice storm.

200101_FPO Arrival in Ice Storm02

Moving into a quad and sharing housing and meals with others has been a new experience – reminiscent of our college days.  Our small efficiency apartment also serves as a place to do our studies and computer work.
200102_FPO Quad Life (3)02

Suzanna and Lottie Moon
200102_FPO Suzanna & Lottie Moon (2)03
 200901  WV Suzanna02

The meals are all served at the campus cafeteria and they are both delicious and healthy
200102_FPO Suz in Cafeteria02

Our time here is jam-packed with classes and assignments, but it is a joy to fellowship with so many new friends.
200101_ FPO Hanham Prayer Card02


Family-Feb 09