(02/28/09 (Suzanna & Richard)  PTL!   We have now reached the mid-point of our training. 

We have adjusted to life back in school with daily classes, eating in the cafeteria and plenty of reading and writing assignments in the evenings.

200102_Quad Life
Suzanna catching up on e-mails and working on assignments

Computer Lab
Richard working on assignments at the computer lab

200902 Barn at ILC
On the campus there are great places to walk.   Along one of the trails is a picturesque barn and silo.

200902 Cultural Worship
Every Sunday evening we attend cultural worship.   The format and content of each service changes each week to a different area of the world.   Here was the South Asia worship service.

200902 ESL Class
The last two Saturdays were spent in class, learning how to teach English to non-English speakers.

200902_Library Work
When we have a little free time, we volunteer time at the campus library, as part of our obligations to community ministry.  Actually there are two libraries - one for adults and another for the children and youth.   We assist with the children and youth library. 


Family-Feb 09b