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(02/25/10 (Suzanna) 

Our language teacher honored Richard when he celebrated his birthday January 6.
200901_06 Richard's BD SM

We recently helped with a TB clinic for nationals.  Of the 37 people tested, 5 had to have follow-up x-rays because of positive results.
201002_07 TB Clinic Shodon and Shonkar SM02

A friend from America visited us in January and taught some ESL classes to national friends.
201001_13 Williams, Charles, Stephen & Titu ESL SM

Recently, we entertained two more national families with a big American-style feast like we had at Christmas.  Like the Christmas group, they enjoyed trying foods they had never eaten before.

201002_06 Sudan and Lalsiam's families (4) SM

Winter has been a special joy to Suzanna with temperatures ranging from lower 60s to upper 70s along with low humidity.  Note the kind of brooms used here and also the heavy loads transported by rickshaws and trolleys.
201002_05 Suzanna SM


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