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02/28/11 (Suzanna) 

Suzanna is dressed patriotically even though she looks “Christmassy!”  Because our country is hosting some world-wide sporting events, our city has been sprucing up, putting on a better appearance for the thousands of visitors who will arrive.  Utility posts have been painted the national colors – red and green - and look like Christmas socks! 
201102_22 Suz wearing patriotic colors02
For 2 months, beggars are being paid to stay out of sight.  It seems strange not to be besieged by them at all the intersections!

Richard is waiting for the dentist to clean his teeth, while Suzanna is sitting with him, dreading her turn.  Being barefoot in the dentist chair seems strange to us.  Of course we never wear shoes in homes, but it is also expected that we remove them in some offices and in hospitals.  There are no women working in the dental office.  In fact, it is extremely rare to see women working anywhere except as household helpers.

201102_22 Dental Visit02

Most children here never receive toys.  A co-worker took this picture of this little fellow who was so proud of his wagon.  He made the wheels with CDs he found in the trash and sticks.  We often see children using stones for playing ball games.
Child with homemade toys02

This sign is in front of the grocery store where we buy western foods.  We promise that when we spot a car driving itself we will post a picture on our website!
201102_14 Self driven cars02

02/21/11 (Suzanna) 


We attended a lovely wedding between a couple from 2 different tribes.
Marriage Ceremony (3)


The church was packed with people standing plus others outside.  The meal was served family style, and we were fortunate to be in the first “shift.”  There are no silverware.   All eating is done with the right hand.   The delicious foods included rice, dahl (red lentil soup), boiled eggs, chicken, cooked vegetables.  Unlike American weddings, no wedding cake nor desserts of any kind are served.
Wedding_Suzanna and Richard

As a table of folks finish eating, their dishes are quickly washed and their serving bowls are refilled for the next group of diners.
Dish Washing02

Refilling serving bowls02


Crashes with deaths and injuries are very common in this crowded country.  We are thankful our friends who were on this train were not injured.  At least 8 were killed and more than 25 injured.
Train and Bus Collision

With no mass transit system in this country, roads are always overcrowded.  Many times streets are more like a parking lot.  It takes hours to travel short distances.

Rickshaw Jam02

 City crowds

A recent holiday had the streets filled with nearly a million jubilant men!  Richard and a friend were delayed for several hours trying to return home.
20110216_Chittagong CDA Ave-Muhammad Birthday Parade

Parading and Celebrating

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.

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