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01/15/11 (Suzanna) 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Richard!   Here in South Asia, the birthday person supplies sweets to friends.  Not a crumb was left from these chocolate brownies that Suzanna baked and Richard shared!
201101_07 Richard's Birthday Brownies (3)02

Here’s a sight I’ve never seen before – someone on a rickshaw reading a map, telling the rickshaw walla which direction to go!  We were not lost; we simply needed to determine how close we were to our destination.
201101_05 Richard Reading Map on Rickshaw02

We were stuck in such a long traffic jam, the rickshaw walla was happy to take our picture while we waited for traffic to move.
201101_05 Rickshaw Ride02

Here are school “buses” also stuck in traffic.
201101_05 Long lines of traffic02

This is a typical taxi in our capital city.  This is one of the interior doors – no window handle, rusted, upholstery long gone . .
201101_05 Taxi Ride (4)03
After we reached our destination, the driver raised the hood to do some adjustments.

201101_05 Taxi Ride02

Our part of South Asia is having a record-breaking cold spell!  Temperatures have dropped to 40F several mornings recently!  This results in much suffering by people here who do not have adequate clothing and shelter.  These dinner guests were dressed warmly, and they kept on their scarves and jackets during their entire visit – even while eating!
201101_15 Dinner Guests02

201101_15 Dressed warmly to eat02

Even Richard, Shonkar, and Ali are wearing scarves and jackets indoors!
201101_14 Shonkar, Richard, Ali wearing scarves02

When we visited tribal friends to buy blankets recently, we were given fresh ginger grown by this family in their village.
201101_14 Fresh Ginseng02

There is no need for refrigeration here.  Chickens and ducks are sold live on the street.   Here is a typical vendor selling live ducks.
201101_05 Live Ducks for Sale02

Do you wonder why we eat chicken instead of beef?
Cow Eating Trash02


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