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(08/14/10 (Suzanna and Richard) 

Suzanna celebrated her birthday Friday, August 13!  It’s a good thing she’s not superstitious; she was born on a Friday the 13th.
201008_13 MeeYeon, Evelyn, and Suzanna

Suzanna hopes she does not “grow into” these pants!  Her friends from Africa and South Korea gave her a lovely outfit of clothing as a birthday gift.  South Asian pants tend to be large and baggy, one size fits all.
201008_13 Suz'a BD outfit (2)

Richard surprised her with a harmonium.
201008_13 Harmonium (10)

No matter in what part of the world we reside, Suzanna wants us to keep current with our vaccinations.  We recently got our rabies boosters.
P1_201007_16 Richard getting rabies shot02

When we took our dog to the veterinary school for her annual rabies shot, this little boy was waiting for someone to help his injured goat.
P2_201007_22 Vet_Boy with injured goat02

Suzanna likes this fish except for the fact that it seems to be watching her eat.
P3_201007_22 Suz Eating fish02

We have made a new friend!  Pat, and West Virginian, is in our country working with the UN.  It was a delight to have dinner with him and get acquainted.
P4_201008_04 Cadle, Pat02

We recently helped ship some furniture to friends who have moved to another country.  The packers did an amazing job of packing the items.  They made custom-sized crates for shipping.  The downside was that they arrived at 5:15 am on a Saturday morning to begin work!
P5_201008_03 Crating McI Cargo02

Suzanna found that she was able to play the harmonium.  This is not a musical instrument for Richard, since you have to pump with one hand and play with the other.  It is very practical in this part of the world where there are frequent electric current outages
P5b_201008_06 Suzanna on Harmonium02


We took a trip to a tea garden area and saw such interesting sights!  The tea gardens are as big as American wheat and cornfields.
P6_201008_06 Srimangal Tea Garden02

Our lodging was this bamboo “cabin” surrounded by lemon trees.

P7a_201008_05 Bamboo Cabin02

P7b_201008_05 Suz and Richard at lemon tree02

Pineapples growing on the hillsides
P8_201008_05 Pineapples02

Rubber trees along the roads
P9_201008_05 Rubber Trees02

There were also trees in this area whose sap is an ingredient in lip balm.

Jute in the field and jute drying by the roadside
P10a_201008_07 Jute in field02
P10b_201008_07 Jute drying02

Plowing a rice paddy
P11_201008_07 Plowing rice paddy with cows02

Planting rice plants by hand
P12_201008_07 Rice Paddies02

Women threshing rice
P13_201008_07 Rice processing02

Tea garden workers arriving for work

Suzanna is modeling her rice workers’ hat while chatting with friendly nationals
P15_201008_07 Friendly Nationals02

While visiting Dhaka, we took a drive out to see the National Martyr’s Monument.   What an impressive remembrance for all the martyred people from the war of independence
P16_201008_08 Savar Natl Martyrs Monument02


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