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08/05/11 (Suzanna) 

To see some of our pictures from our recent trip to Malaysia, that we posted on Facebook, please click here.
073011 Malaysia Avairy_40002


07/22/11 (Suzanna) 

It has been too long since we have updated our family site because we have been very busy.  Since returning from America, we have been living in 2 different cities, transitioning to our new home in South Asia.  We finally moved our furniture this week, and we are almost settled into our new location.  Praise the Lord!
a201107_13 Richard and Suzanna

We treated our house helpers and Ali, our driver, to dinner in a restaurant – a rare treat to the majority of people in this poor country.
a201107_16 Last Supper with Deys and Ali (11)
We then enjoyed ice cream to celebrate Loki’s birthday.  She is pictured here with daughter Puja and husband Shonkar.  We are sad to have left these dear friends behind.
a201107_16 Ice Cream

We do not eat out very often.  I wonder why . . . There are no health rules, no FDA, to insure that food is sanitary.  We took these pictures on streets in our new city.  Raw chicken, covered with flies, was setting in the hot sun in front of a restaurant. 
a201107_08 Chicken

Fresh beef was being cut and sold from this sidewalk.

a201107_09 Raw beef on sidewalk

We paid day laborers to load and unload.  They carry such heavy loads, often using their heads!  Many men wear lungies (like skirts) and few wear shoes.
a201107_17 Moving Day02

Penny will join us in about a week.  We miss her and hope she likes her new home.

a201010_24 Penny's toys from US (3)

We have mongooses in our yard.  I looked it up; it’s not mongeese!  We hope Penny does not scare them away because they keep away snakes!  Maybe we can take some mongooses back to KY . . .

To see more photos, find us on Facebook (Richard-Suzanna Hanham)!

Proverbs 3:5-6
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