08/06/08 (Richard)

At the start of August we put our beloved home for sale in preparation for our planned overseas work for the next three years.
200808 House_sm02

Two days after listing our home for sale, a strong wind storm passed over our community and blew down one of our old trees.   It destroyed our wrought iron arch over our driveway entrance and damaged the evergreen shrubs.
200808 Fallen Tree1 sm02

The tree was huge and it blocked both our driveway and the county road in front of our place.
200808 Fallen Tree2 sm02


07/05/08 (Suzanna)  Suzanna’s family had their annual reunion at cousin Steve Toler’s house in Rocky Gap, Virginia on July 5.

Diane and Randal Morgan and grandson Dan
200807 Family Reunion (8) sm02

Margaret and Bill Terry
200807 Family Reunion (11) sm02

Ron and Jackie Lee
200807 Family Reunion (17) sm02

Richard and Suzanna Hanham and Mamie and Jack Whitten
200807 Family Reunion (9) sm02

Vicki and Steve Toler with children and grandchildren
200807 Family Reunion (14) sm02

The 6-month-old twin granddaughters and their dad were sleeping and not in this picture.  Suzanna with one of the twins
200807 Family Reunion (19) sm


06/30/08 (Suzanna)  During June of 2008 we attended the Southern Baptist Convention in Indianapolis, IN and then visited children and grandchildren.
200806 SBC sm02

We stopped in Branson at the new Millennium Theatre and saw the musical “Noah.”  If you are in Branson, don’t miss this wonderful production with a gospel message!
200806 Branson, Noah Sm02

In Ft. Smith, AR, we watched Marshall and Mason practice with their ball team.
200806 Hanham, Marshall, age 10 sm02200806 Hanham, Mason, age 9 sm02

It was a special blessing on Father’s Day to attend church together.
200806 Father's Day sm02

We were thrilled to see how much our grandson Ian has grown since Christmas!  He is such a happy baby!
200806 Ian sm02



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