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(07/19/09 (Suzanna)  We have been living in South Asia for 3 months.  Life continues to be exciting and full of new experiences-some not so good but many wonderful for which we are thankful!

Beachwear here is certainly different!

200906_15 Cox's Bazaar sm02

200906_14 Cox's Bazaar-_Muslim Woman smJPG02

Last month we moved to this house and really enjoy living in this neighborhood.  Upstairs we have our living quarters and downstairs we have an office, guest room and servant quarters.
200906_19 House sm02

Nationals are intrigued by Americans and run to congregate around us and stare.  This family at a train station was especially interesting because their children have such fair skin and very blond hair.
  200906_22 Smiths sm02

We are saddened daily by the poverty we see everywhere.
200906_22 Scenes from Train to Dhaka sm02

This is different from an American grocery store!
200907_11 Fresh Foods Mkt (8)sm02

We had a wonderful visit to an elephant farm.  Richard bought a huge bunch of bananas so we could feed them (one at a time), but a big elephant surprised him from behind, snatched the bunch, and ate the whole thing in one bite!
200906_26 Elephants sm02

Who knew elephants are so artistic?!!
200906_26 Elephants painting sm02

What a ride!
200906_26 Elephants riding sm02

The orchids and flowers were breath-taking!
200906_26 Orchids _Richard, red flowers sm03

We wonder if this goat had a ticket for his train ride . .
20090713_Train Station, Goat riding train sm02

Our driver is a great help to us with language and business transactions.  Unfortunately, a CNG he was riding in recently was robbed by 3 men armed with long knives.  They took all the money and cell phones he and his driver had!  Thankfully, he was not injured or killed.

Here he is with the newest member of our family – Penny!   Penny is a true Bangladeshi dog.   She only responds to words spoken in Bangla.

20090714_Ali and Penny sm02


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