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(06/24/10 (Suzanna and Richard) 

What beautiful scenery and cooler temperatures we enjoyed on a recent trip to Darjeeling, India!  It took only three days to make the journey, using trains, auto-rickshaws, airplanes, buses, taxis and jeeps.   Darjeeling is located nearly 7000’ high in the Himalayan foothills with a gorgeous view of the Himalayan mountains.

201006_10 Tea workers

We have enjoyed Darjeeling tea for many years.  Who would have thought we would someday go there and see tea being harvested and then buy tea on location?
201006_12 Richard Buying Darjeeling Tea (4)

We enjoyed an afternoon of walking the narrow streets and browsing in shops.
 201006_12 Suz and Masks

Near Darjeeling is a well-maintained zoo with a variety of Himalayan wildlife, such as bears, wolves, leopards, red pandas, deer and tigers.
201006_11 Darjeeling Zoo-Himalyan Black Bear0

This zoo had the very rare Himalayan Red Panda
201006_11 Darjeeling Zoo-Red Panda (4)

From the zoo we could see Darjeeling spread across the Himalayan foothills
201006_11 View of Darjeeling from Zoo

Behind the zoo was a Mt Everest expedition training center and museum, which contained the climbing equipment from the first ascent of Mt Everest.
201006_11 Darjeeling-Mt Everest Museum (3)

After a visit to the zoo and Mt Everest museum, we enjoyed parched corn from a street vendor.
201006_11 Roasted Corn (3)   201006_11 Richard Enjoying Roasted Corn

Our hotel had a lovely view of the mountains as well as lovely gardens with statues and ornaments.
201006_13 Richard and Suzanna (3)

201006_11 Suz at Winter Statue

As with many South Asian countries, our country is experiencing increasing political unrest.  On the last leg of our return trip home, the window of our train was shattered by a rock!  Loud arguments erupted along with shoving and one man slapping another as they accused opposite political parties of being responsible.  Thankfully, no one was injured.
201006_20 Rock thrown thru train window

Penny found herself a corner where the “cool” air from the fan hits her better!
201005_26 Penny trying to get cool


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