Hanham Home News

This has been a busy spring!  Both riding mowers died, forcing us to buy a new one.  Richard was thrilled to bring home a John Deere, but notice who took it and uses it while he uses the push mower to do the trim work!
200704 Richard's John Deere (S)02

200704 Suzanna Driving John Deere (S)


A recent Saturday was spent painting the fence.  It was a typical mid-90s July day.
200707 Fence Painting


Dinner with Friends

We enjoyed dinner and fellowship with Pastor Bud and Bernie Israel, and Pastor Howard and Laverne Harper.  Bro Bud’s purse did match his shoes.
200706 Israels & Harpers in Beckley (S)


Walls Family Reunion - WV

The weekend before July Fourth was spent at the annual family reunion of the Walls family in West Virginia.  Mamie and Jack graciously hosted us at their home.  It was a bitter-sweet time, enjoying being together but sorely feeling the absence of Mother.  The weekend also brought back sad memories of last year’s gathering when Aunt Anna Belcher had a stroke and passed away the next day. 

What would a family reunion be without good food?   Note the comfortable seating arrangements.    The food was so good that it kept disappearing before it could be photographed.
200706 Family Reunion Suzanna & Vickie02

We are blessed to have Aunt Margaret, the only remaining daughter of the Dot and Stella Walls family.  Uncle Bill is courageously battling cancer and had open heart surgery in November.  Please pray for Aunt Margaret and Uncle Bill.
200706 Bill and Margaret Terry (S)

Cousins Steve Toler and Suzanna celebrate birthdays two days apart in August.  When they were children, Suzanna always told him she was boss because she was older.
200706 Cousins Steve Toler and Suzanna Hanham (S)

It was a special delight to have cousin Sheila (Toler) Berry and her family (husband Dennis, and sons Travis and Colby Huber) from Spotsylvania, VA.  The family is thrilled because Sheila is expecting twins.  They are pictured here with Steve and Vicki Toler.
200706 Steve and Vicki Toler Family (S)

Travis was eager to collect Miss Ellie’s eggs.  The shells are greenish, so Mamie offered us green eggs and ham for breakfast Sunday morning.  Travis took home samples of coal to show his friends.
200706 Travis and Ellie's Eggs (S)

Carolyn and Bob Little, Suzanna’s former neighbors from Bluefield, joined us.  They did some “touring” of Wyoming County before finding the Whitten house.
200706 Suz and Littles (S)

Cousin Randal Morgan and his wife Diane are thrilled to have grandson Dan visiting this summer.
200706 Diane and Randall Morgan with Grandson Dan (S)

Margaret, Diane, and Vicki
200706 Margaret, Diane, Vicki (S)

Richard is resting with the newest member of the Whitten household, Oreo, rescued from the pound
200706 Walls Family Reunion with Oreo

Jack and Rev. Warren Dove, new pastor of Delilah Methodist Church
200706 Jack & Warren Dove (S)

Jack drove his U-Haul from Parkersburg to Oceana.   We were privileged to hear his first sermon at the church July 1.   He and his wife Maggie are a delightful couple.

Aunt Margaret and Uncle Bill Terry, Jack and Mamie Whitten, Suzanna and Richard Hanham
200706 Terrys, Whittens, Hanhams (S)



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