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03/31/12    Saying Goodbye to South Asia! (Part 1)

April 15, 2009, we first set foot on South Asia soil!  How these 3 years have flown!  We have taken literally thousands of pictures and only posted a few on our family website.  Below are a few pictures (all current except the first 2, dating back 3 years ago) to give you a glimpse into our life here as we prepare to move back to America.

We each brought 3 suitcases and a backpack for 3 years.
01_200904_13 Evansville Airport02

Our first rickshaw ride, before Suzanna bought more culturally appropriate clothing
02_200904_16 Rickshaws in Chittagong02

Recent visit to a school for slum children near our home
03_201203_15 Kalyanpur Bapt School02

This school cannot afford paper and pencils, so they use chalkboards
04_201203_15 Kalyanpur Bapt School02

On another recent visit, the school was celebrating an important patriotic holiday,
05_201203_26 Kalyanpur Bapt School02
and we had the privilege to pray and sing with them!

At our international church, these tribal young people sang original songs they composed in their heart language.
16_201202_10 Tripura 02

These boys have no store-bought toys but were having great fun rolling these old bicycle tires with their sticks.  It takes such a little to bring a smile to the poor!
08_201201_17 Boys in Uttara02

We are constantly facing beggars, but these little boys were some of the most heart-breaking we have encountered.
09_201202_28 Blind beggar02

Shrimp here give new definition to “jumbo!”
10_201203_18 Mkt Fish_Jumbo shrimp02

These goat heads were for sale in a nice market that caters to western customers
11_201203_18 Mkt_Goat heads02

Fresh vegetables and fruits are colorfully displayed.  We recently bought our first watermelon of the season, and it was delicious!  The corn in our garden will soon be ready to eat!
12_201203_16 Mkts Fruits, veggies02

Fabric shops are abundant
13_201203_16 Mkts Fabrics02

Our country has many garment factories.  Perhaps the clothes you are wearing now were purchased here!  In addition, tailors have little shops and even work on the streets.
14_201010_09 Tailors working outside_Dhaka02

No TV?  You can watch cricket through the store window!
15_201203_18 Men watching TV from street02

Students from another school near our home love to talk with us through the fence
06_201203_15 Mslm School02

This lovely young woman did an interpretative dance with a lighted candle in a bottle on top of her head!
17_201202_10 Tripura02

These gracious neighbors fed us a tasty, traditional meal
18_201203_05 Jharna and Shubash Chakraborty02

Children who visit love to play with Penny, and the feeling is mutual; Penny loves the attention
19_201203_17 Penny and Guests02

Speaking of Penny, we are cooking her favorite foods, purchased locally where chickens are killed and sold – heads, feet, etc.
20_201203_14 Penny's chicken heads02

We are very sad to be leaving our South Asian friends!
21_201109_14 Narsing mtg02

We recently welcomed back some friends from America and celebrated a birthday!
22_201203_21 Joe's BD02

Friends from NZ had lunch with us
23_201203_25 Sally and Richard Smith02

 “. . . The corn is as high as an elephant's eye,  An' it looks like its climbin' clear up to the sky.  Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day. . .” (Actually it’s not morning but is a hot afternoon (96F, with real feel of 102F)
24_201203_31 Suz and Richard_corn02

We were honored when a group of friends invited us for a time of farewell prayer and fellowship
25_201203_23 Farewell to Hanhams_CR02

At a farewell celebration, we enjoyed delicious chocolate cake!  Who cares that Richard’s name is missing an “R!” 
26_201203_23 Farewell to Hanhams02

To see more photos, find us on Facebook (Richard-Suzanna Hanham)!

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