03/27/07 (Suzanna) - Since removal of the fluid yesterday, Mother’s condition has improved to the point her doctors may allow her to go home (Mamie’s house) tomorrow!  We are so thrilled with this news.  Thanks for your continued prayers.

We are also pleased that our daughter Renee has passed her RN certification tests and will be working as a registered nurse in an Oklahoma City area hospital.ReneeRN02


03/26/07 (Suzanna) - Thanks for checking our website and for your prayers.  Mother had a very rough weekend, but is feeling a little better this afternoon after having fluid removed from her lungs.  She is still having lots of digestive issues and is eating very little.  One doctor is considering checking her gall bladder.  She remains extremely weak.  Mamie took her a fan for her hospital room, and she was delighted to get it.

03/23/07 (Suzanna) - Mother was moved from the step-down unit of Intensive Care to a regular room this afternoon, and her IVs have been removed; so we consider that some improvement.  Mamie and Jack visited her and think she is a little better.  Thanks for your continued prayers.

03/22/07 (Suzanna) - Mother has congestive heart failure.  The Lasix to remove fluid resulted in her becoming dehydrated.  She was moved back to the step-down unit of Intensive Care yesterday afternoon.  She has atrial fibrillation, an irregular heart rhythm (arrhythmia). That is preventing her pacemaker from doing what it should.  Her blood pressure is very low, and her heart rate is too high.  The nurse I talked with thinks medication will get her heart beating slower and more regularly.  She was confined to bed yesterday, but this morning they let her use the bathroom and sit up a little while.  Thank you for being concerned enough to check on her and especially for your prayers.

03/20/07 (Suzanna) - Mother was admitted to Raleigh General Hospital again today.  She is hooked to an IV to remove fluid, and her heart is being monitored.   Please pray they can identify and correct her health problems.

03/19/07 (Suzanna) - Mother’s condition continues to deteriorate.  Today’s doctor’s appointment was delayed a week by his office because a doctor in the clinic was out sick and they were overloaded.  Mamie and I believe she needs to be back in the hospital.  She is worse now than when she was discharged March 9.  Please continue to pray for her.  Mother and Dad married 61 years ago today.  Dad has been in Heaven over 40 years.

This is so trivial compared to Mother that I hate to mention it, but several of you have inquired about my toe.  The little toe that was operated on Feb. 22 has healed nicely since the pin was removed.  In addition, I had in-office surgery on the hammer toe last Friday to remove that pin.  It was pushing itself out the end of the toe but had not caused any infection nor inflammation like the other pin did.  Nevertheless, it’s out now, too, and is healing well.  Let’s pray this ends the matter and I have no further problems.

03/15/07 (Suzanna) - I stay in touch with Mamie and Mother daily and am sad to report no improvement in Mom.  Today makes one week since the pacemaker was inserted, but she continues to be extremely weak.  Her lack of appetite makes it difficult for her to eat and gain strength.  She fell last night but, thank God, didn’t seriously injure herself.   They are thankful to have some home health services.  Jack gives her the injections of blood thinner in her abdomen on days a nurse does not visit.  Please continue your prayers for her as well as for Mamie and Jack. 

Richard and I returned today from a business trip to Dayton, OH.  The weather was lovely, and we enjoyed seeing the area – especially the United States Air Force Museum and historical sites relating to the Wright brothers. 

03/10/07 (Suzanna) - Mother arrived at Mamie’s about 5:30 yesterday evening – the same time I arrived home.  She entered the hospital February 8 and was discharged March 9.  I visited with her yesterday morning before leaving Beckley.  She was very alert and talkative but continues to be weak.  By the time she got to Mamie’s, she was too tired to talk with me more than a couple sentences.  Pray with us, please, for her quick recuperation and recovery of her strength and that the pacemaker will control her heart beat as it should.  Pray for Mamie and Jack as they take care of her until she is able to return home again.  Thank you for your many expressions of concern.  God bless you!

03/08/07 (Richard) - Praise the Lord!   Suzanna’s mother was implanted with a pacemaker at noon today.   The surgery went without complications.   The doctor said if she responds well, then she may be able to go home soon.  She is currently resting and somewhat sleepy from the anesthesia.  If all is still well by morning, Suzanna is planning on heading back to KY.

03/07/07 (Richard) - It did not happen today.   Suzanna’s mother was already prepped and ready for the pacemaker implant surgery.  However the operating room was tied up too long in the morning with other surgeries and the surgeon had to return to a waiting room of patients at his office.  It was a disappointment.   The pacemaker implant procedure is now scheduled for noon on Thursday.   Mother had nothing to eat or drink in preparation for the surgery.  That was not the best way to spend her birthday.     Please continue praying for her.

03/06/07 (Richard) - Suzanna’s mother is now scheduled to have her pacemaker implanted at 11am on Wednesday.  Today she was feeling a little bit better and was able to take a short walk.  Please continue praying for her.

03/05/07 (Richard) - Suzanna has arrived in WV.  Her mother’s blood is still too thin, so the pacemaker insertion will have to wait until Wednesday or later.  Today she was feeling weak and tired.  Please continue to pray for her.

03/04/07 (Suzanna) - Mother’s blood is still too thin, so the pacemaker is to be inserted Tuesday instead of tomorrow.  Please continue to pray for her and for me as I travel to WV.

03/02/07 (Suzanna) - Mother had a better day today, but her heart stopped and restarted again this morning.  Her doctor is planning to put in a pacemaker as soon as the blood thinner they’ve been giving her gets out of her system.  It will probably be the first of the week.  This procedure can be done in Beckley.  If she has to have a defibrillator, she will have to transfer to Charleston.  We all hope she can remain in Beckley.   She is in good spirits and appreciates your prayers and cards more than words can express.

03/01/07 (Suzanna) - Mother had a very rough night last night and hasn’t felt well today.  Her heart literally stopped early this morning.  It restarted but was beating only in the 30s.  They got her up and walked her some, and the rate increased.  Her doctor is not as optimistic that the medication is going to regulate it and is considering a defibrillator again.  Please continue to remember her in your prayers.

02/28/07 (Suzanna) - Mother’s status continues to be the same – tests and medication adjustments; but her heart rate is still much too rapid.  The therapist is allowed to walk her only 31 steps.  Mother will be 82 March 7.  If you wish to send her a card, I know she would appreciate it.  Since we don’t know how much longer she will be at Raleigh General Hospital, you may send it to Elizabeth Tilley, c/o Jack Whitten, PO Box 25, Rock View, WV 24880.  Most of all we appreciate your prayers. 

When I saw the doctor Monday to have my surgical bandage changed, he gave me the pin he removed.  No wonder my toe hadn’t healed!  Thankfully, it looks and feels better every day.  We anticipate no further problems with it.

02/24/07 (Suzanna) - Thanks for your interest in checking on Mother’s status.  She is still in Raleigh General Hospital, undergoing more tests and changes of medication.  Plans to let her go home derailed when her heart rate shot up every time she moved around. They still hope to be able to regulate it with medicine. 

I am doing well after my toe surgery.   What little pain I’ve had has been quickly controlled by pain medication.  Richard is a wonderful nurse and caretaker as I sit around with my foot elevated.  I see the doctor Monday for the first time since the surgery.  Thanks for your continued prayers for Mother, for me, and for all the family!

02/22/07 (Richard) - Suzanna’s mother will be spending another night at the hospital.  When the doctor took her off the heart medicine, her heart rate slowed down too much.   They intend to try a different medicine and watch her overnight.  If everything is well by tomorrow, she may get to go to Mamie’s house.   The doctor hopes that the combination of medicine and rest will work.  He does not plan to use a defibrillator, unless medicine and rest are not able to control the heartbeat.

Suzanna had a successful surgery on her problem toe that had been swollen and sore for almost nine months.  It appears that the pin in the toe did not dissolve as expected.  Instead of dissolving, a barrier of liquid formed around the pin.  The doctor removed the pin, and he now expects a full recovery.   Currently Suzanna is obeying the doctor’s instructions and keeping her foot elevated.  Please pray for speedy recovery.200702_22 Suzie Foot Surgery03


02/21/07 (Suzanna) - I apologize for not posting anything since Saturday, but there has been nothing new to report until now.  Praise the Lord for good news!  Mother is regaining her strength and doing OK.  Yesterday she had a stress test, and we’ve been anxiously awaiting results.  Her doctor just told her she does not need a defibrillator!  If they had decided she needed one, she would have transferred to Charleston for the procedure.  As it stands now, she may go home tomorrow!  She was just moved to a regular room late last night from the Stepdown Unit of ICU.  We are so thankful for this answer to prayer and request your continued prayers. 

Please pray for me, too, as I have some minor surgery tomorrow (February 22) at 3:00.  The swelling and soreness have never completely left my right little toe since surgery last June.  It has a type of staff infection but has not responded to 3 different antibiotics.  The doctor thinks perhaps the pin didn’t dissolve as it was supposed to do, so he’s going to remove it.  Please pray for quick and complete healing.  God bless you and those you love!

02/17/07 (Suzanna) - I’m not posting on the website daily because there’s little change to report.  Mother’s UTI has still not cleared, and they are waiting for that to happen and her to get more strength before doing more tests.  She is having a lot of fluid retention.  Her spirits and determination are characteristically admirable.  Please continue to pray for her and all the family.

On a lighter note, we enjoyed a wonderful concert by Mark Lowry and Lordsong last evening in Evansville.  What a blessing that was! 

Despite very cold temperatures, our area has had practically no snow and ice.  This morning, the grass is almost covered with a beautiful snow.  It’s the kind where the limbs and twigs are covered.  It should melt by afternoon.  Tonight our Cornerstone Sunday School class is looking forward to pizza and the movie, “Facing the Giants.” 

Thank you for taking time to read our postings and for your concern and prayers!  God bless you!

02/15/07 (Suzanna) - There is little or no change in Mother.  She remains in the Stepdown Unit of ICU at Raleigh General Hospital in Beckley, WV.  They are adjusting medications, running tests, deciding what further action to take.  Her doctor has mentioned the possibility of  implanting a defibrillator rather than a pacemaker.  She is still very weak but is eating and is walking to the bathroom with assistance.  Mother and all the family appreciate your concern and continued prayers.

02/13/07 (Suzanna) - Praise the Lord!  Mother was moved into the Stepdown Unit today and continues to progress.  They are running further tests and considering implanting a pacemaker.  Thank you for your continued prayers.

02/12/07 (Suzanna) - Mother is progressing slowly.  She will be moved from ICU to the Stepdown Unit as soon as a bed is available.  She’s able to sit up for short periods and is eating.  Her kidneys are functioning again, but her heartbeat is still too rapid, and doctors are deciding what to do next.  Please continue praying for her.

02/10/07 (Suzanna) -Please remember Suzanna’s mother, Elizabeth Tilley, in prayer.  She was put in ICU at Raleigh General Hospital in Beckley, WV, Thursday, February 8.   Although her family doctor originally suspected heart problems and sent her by ambulance, that doesn’t seem to be the case.  Tests are still being run to determine exactly what is wrong.  She has had flu-like symptoms for almost 2 weeks and had dehydrated.  By the time she was admitted to the hospital, her kidneys were not functioning.  Most alarming was her erratic heartbeat.  She is slowly responding to the medications but was not allowed to sit up for two days.  Her heart rate is more regular but still too rapid.  Her condition is stable but not critical.  Thank you for your prayers!

Below is a picture of Elizabeth at Christmas 2006, surrounded by Richard, Suzanna, Mamie and Jack200612 Christmas


The end of January and February have been the coldest part of this winter.

Ft Smith AR got its’ first snowfall this winter and grandson Mason proudly shows off his newly-made snowman friend.200702 Mason and Snowman02

Suzanna is bundled up against the cold as she takes her daily walk with her regular walking companion.   Spencer is the neighbor’s dog, but he loves to accompany (and jump on) Suzanna.200701 Suzie and Spencer


01/19/07 (Suzanna) - Richard and I praise God for a wonderful year of 2006.  We were blessed to have family and friends with us for more than a week over Christmas.  Mom, Mamie, and Jack came December 20.  On Christmas Day we were joined by Jack’s son, JJ, and his girlfriend Kara – a pleasant surprise for us all.  The WV family left Tuesday morning, and Pete and grandsons arrived the same afternoon.   Pete and the boys left Saturday morning, and friends Helen and George Durham flew into Owensboro that afternoon.  In addition to visits, we enjoyed telephone conversations with family in OK, AZ, and Canada.

We cherish the friendship of everyone viewing this website. It is our sincere prayer that 2007 is a year of peace and joy for you and those you love. 

200612c Christmas0

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