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(05/24/10 (Suzanna and Richard) 

Suzanna is holding a one-stringed folk instrument – an ectara – popular in our part of South Asia.
201005_14 Ectara

Penny was thrilled to receive a rawhide bone in a box mailed to us recently from friends in the US!  She wishes someone would send some chew toys! 
201005_14 Penny

Very few people here have family pets, and many people are afraid of Penny; but not these friends who recently visited and enjoyed a meal with us!
201005_14 Penny eating from hand

We had about 60 friends over to our home.   Some of our friends cooked the entire meal in our backyard using large pots over burning coals.   After cooking food over the open fire, this man is ready to start serving.
201005_14 Solomon Serving Food

Customs here lend literal meaning to “dinner on the ground!”  The only eating utensil is the use of the right hand.    Richard, recovering from a severe stomach virus, did not eat; so he was the photographer.
201005_14 Dinner on the Ground

We recently attended our first wedding!  The bride was our language teacher.
201005_07 Richard and Suzanna with Panna and Michael

How interesting to see rice being harvested and threshed in the beautiful countryside outside our city!
201005_04 Carrying Rice

Note that the threshing machine is powered by foot pedals.
201005_04 Rice Threshing_Foot Pedals

Monsoon season is beginning! 
201005_21 Flooded Streets


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