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05/31/11 (Suzanna and Richard)

PRAISE GOD for our wonderful visit to the USA!

After an absence of more than 2 years, we arrived back at the Evansville Indiana airport.  After 30 hours of flight time and crossing 11 time zones, we felt jet-lagged but were still happy to be back.

201105_13 Hanhams arriving in America

We have been traveling a great deal to visit with family and friends.  It was good to find that our dear friends, Peggy and Jerry, had our truck already serviced and ready for our cross-country travels.
201105_14 Suz Driving02

Arriving in Oklahoma, we stayed at the home of our good friends, Butch and Marlene, while we visited our children and friends.   Marlene’s dogs were especially glad to see Suzanna again.
201105_18 Suz and dogs

Travelling to Arkansas, it was a joy to visit with son Pete and grandson Mason.
201105_20 Richard and Pete

201105_21 Richard and Mason

Returning to Oklahoma, we were delighted to meet for the first time our granddaughter Kaitlyn as we visited daughter Renee, son-in-law Michael, and son Ian.
201105_22 Estes Family

After our time in Oklahoma, we planned to spend the night in Joplin MO, before continuing on to Kentucky.   While driving to Joplin, we were delayed and heard on the news that a tornado had just struck the city, so we stopped in east Tulsa (about an hour away).  Throughout the night it poured rain and hailed.  The next day the Interstate was reopened and we drove through Joplin.  Although it was 9:30am, the sky was dark as night and the rain still came down in sheets of water.  We saw much devastation along the highway.
201105_23 Joplin Thunder Storm, day after Tornado

While passing through Kentucky, we stopped to see our friends Charles and Evelyn.
201105_24 Williams, Evelyn and Charles

From Kentucky we traveled on to West Virginia to see family and friends.  Finally we have managed to achieve a little rest from our hectic travel schedule at Suzanna’s sister’s home.
201105_24 Richard Gizzy and Sassy

After attending a wonderful southern gospel concert by the Dove Brothers in West Virginia, we drove to Virginia to visit with cousin Steve.
201105_27 Suz, Cindy, Vicki, Jack, Mamie, Steve
[Suzanna, cousin Cindy (from FL), Vicki, Jack, Mamie, Steve]

It was so peaceful staying at Steve’s home, nestled amongst the hills with their herd of goats.
201105_27 Vicki and Goats

On Memorial Day weekend, Mamie and Jack hosted a fantastic family get-together with many of our favorite foods that we have missed while living in South Asia. 
201105_28 Family
Included with us in this photo are sister Mamie and Jack; cousin Randal and Diane; cousin Rebecca, Dana, and Zoey; Aunt Margaret and Uncle Bill; cousin Jackie and Ron; cousin Cindy (from FL)

Please pray for us as we conclude our visit here and return to our South Asian home!

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Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.

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