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05/09/12    Saying Goodbye to South Asia! (Part 3)  (Bangkok)

Our plans to be in America April 28 were changed abruptly when Richard was discovered to have another cancer while we were in Bangkok for a routine final check relating to his prostate cancer treatment (brachytherapy).  Doctors tell us this cancer is unrelated to his prostate cancer.  We are so thankful it was found and removed while in the early stages. 

Richard’s medical delay resulted in our staying in Bangkok longer than expected.  As he recovered from surgery, we found time to enjoy this lovely part of Thailand, before we return to America on May 10th!

We enjoyed visiting this international church twice.  We have been accustomed to Holy Day being Friday for 3+ years, so it takes some adjustment to go to church on Sunday again!
001_201204_29 Suz, Richard, Calvary Bapt BKK_SM

Our friend Debbie visited us from Delhi and taught us to enjoy some of her favorite Korean foods.
002_201204_29 Korean food, Debbie_SM

002b_201204_29 Korean food, Richard and Suzanna_SM

We love Thai food.  Richard manages chop sticks quite well!
003_201205_02 MKThai rest (6)_SM

We enjoyed learning about coconut trees and how brown sugar is made from the bloom of the coconut tree.
004_201205_03 Coconut bloom_SM

The wood craftsmanship was awesome!
005a_201205_03 Woodcrftsmen_SM

005b_201205_03 Woodcrft, Suz and Richard on sofa_SM

How’s this for a rocking chair!
005c_201205_03 Richard beside rocking chair_SM

We visited the Floating Markets.   Shops line both sides of the canals and the shoppers travel the canals by boat.
006_201205_03 FlMkt , Suz, Richard_SM

Floating restaurant!
007_201205_03 FlMkt Restaurant_SM

We enjoyed homemade coconut ice cream, served in tiny coconut shells.
008_201205_03 FlMkt Richard buying ice cream_SM

A “must see” in Bangkok is the Grand Palace - a huge complex (54 acres) established in 1782. 
009_201205_04 GrPal Suz and Richard_SM

Two of the palace guards were happy to pose for a picture.
010_201205_04 GrPal Suz and Richard with guards_SM

Richard and Suzanna standing in front of demon guardians at the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.
011_201205_04 GrPal Richard and Suzanna_SM

Our last meal in Bangkok was at a Vietnamese restaurant.
012_201205_09 BKK Vietnamese restaurant (3)_SM

The Sky Train is a wonderful way to travel! 
013_201204_29 Suzanna on Sky Train BKK_SM

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