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05/26/14   Visiting the Baltic Countries in Northern Europe

At the end of May, we were blessed to have an opportunity to visit some of the Baltic countries.  It has now been 1 years since we started our current work in UK.   Time has passed so quickly!

We were able to drive to Southampton and board the MSC Opera.
00 SHampton Port

01 Hanhams at MSC Opera

02 MSC Opera

There were many lounges but no chapels or quiet areas to read or study. 
03 Stockholm-Waiting for tour to start

One day at sea was so foggy, we could not see the water much of the time.   On the other days at sea, there was nothing but the endless sea waters all around the ship.
04 Baltic Sea

Here is Richard enjoying the view of Stockholm with its many canals and waterways.
05 Stockholm-Views of canals in Stockholm

Here we are enjoying the view of the Marble Cathedral and the Queen’s residence across the river in Copenhagen.
06 Copenhagen-View of Royal Palace and Marble Cathedral

Food was available all the time and the meals were served overlooking the Baltic Sea.  Now we can say that we have ate our way across northern Europe.
201406_06 Suzanna and Richard_Last Dinner (1)

08 Italian Night

07 Suz eating dinner

To see more pictures of our tour of the Baltic countries, click on the links below.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tallin, Estonia

St Petersburg, Russia

Helsinki, Finland

Stockholm, Sweden

Copenhagen, Denmark

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Baltic Sea Cruise