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(12/15/09 (Suzanna)  This is our first Christmas in South Asia, and we cannot sing, “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!”  However, the wonderful spirit of Christmas is universal, and we rejoice here about the birth of Jesus.  We wish each of you a Merry Christmas and blessed year of 2010!

200912_01 Long's Christmas_Hanhams02
To start the Christmas season, we enjoyed a lovely evening with American friends and participated in a tree-trimming party.  They served great southern foods like beef stew, biscuits, TX sheet cake, and apple pie!

200911_27 Eid cow in Oshiprem bldg02
This cow blocked the stairway leading to house church.  The next morning it was among millions of sacrifices around the world as Muslims celebrated the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God.  We observed a Muslim gathering and the sacrifice of one cow near our house.  The ditches ran red with the blood of the many slaughtered animals in our neighborhood.

200911_26 Richard & Shonkar baking turkey03
Celebrating Thanksgiving so near the equator on the other of the world has been different.  Of course, we Americans were the only ones celebrating.  We baked a turkey, and our cook was fascinated because he had never seen such a big bird baked before.  Although we missed family and friends from home, we enjoyed traditional food and wonderful fellowship with friends here. 

200911_25 Beggar's Banquet202

We also helped provide a banquet for beggar women and their children.
200911_25 Beggar's Banquet_Mother & child02

200911_27 Richard at ATM (2)02
What an adjustment living in a cash-only society again!  It seems appropriate to include a picture of Richard withdrawing money because he does it so often

200912_13 Suz's Office102
Suzanna spends much time studying language, responding to e-mails and handling our finances and paperwork.   Even though the outside world may be quite different from America, Suzanna has managed to recreate an American office environment where she can work.

Eating meals in this country can have an international flavor.   For instance our breakfast this morning consisted of:
- coffee from Thailand
- tea and bread from Bangladesh
- dates from Iran
- honey from India
- jam from Denmark
- jelly from Netherlands
- peanut butter from Australia
- oatmeal from England
- brown sugar from Malaysia

200911_14 Shipbreakers Hanhams (2)02
We visited an area where huge ocean liners are totally disassembled.  Their most sophisticated tool is a blow torch.  It is very hard and dangerous work.

200912_03 Penny (3)02
Penny sends her Christmas greetings.   Her tennis ball is her favorite toy and she carries it around in hopes that someone will play catch with her.



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