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11/26/10 (Suzanna) 

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to our family and friends around the world!
201011_21 Suzanna and Richard at outdoor restaurant

We are currently closer to the equator where the year-round temperature range is 70-88 F, and the humidity is normally 85% to 90%.  That’s very different weather from Thanksgiving Day in eastern USA.   Here is a picture of our Thanksgiving meal.
201011_25 Thanksgiving in Malaysia2

During November, we have been traveling, enjoying many areas of South Asia.  Suzanna is waiting for the train.
201011_10 Suzanna waiting for train

Suzanna participated in a ladies meeting and was given this scarf as the traditional welcome.

201011_13 Assamese Welcome
At morning tea time, a snake was discovered in the window sill of the conference room, which was on the 3rd floor of the building!  Everyone who knows Suzanna knows how much she fears snakes!  She survived!

The train was so late that it was dark by the time we walked across the border.   As frequently happens, electricity went off; so this agent at the checkpoint had to use a kerosene lantern to process our passports!
201011_10 Border Ckpt using lantern

Richard uses street cobblers to repair his watch band at the train station and to repair his sandals on an Indian street.
201011_10 Richard getting cobbler to repair watch band (2)
201011_14 Cobbler sewing Richard's sandal

The Asian Ronald McDonald gives the typical Asian greeting.  His menu also reflects Asian foods and spices.  His French fries and ice cream tastes the same though!
201011_15 S Asian Ronald McDonald

These Tuk Tuk vehicles took us many places quickly and economically.
201011_15 Richard in Tuk Tuk2

This hot spring is used by local people to boil eggs and sell them to tourists.
201011_17 Hot Springs Boiled Eggs

We visited a White Temple and were especially moved by the architect’s depiction of judgment and hell
201011_17 White Temple (2)
201011_17 White Temple_Hell

During a festival night skies were filled with hot air balloons like this as people sent their sins away for the year.  Sleeping was difficult with fireworks going off throughout several nights.  In giving thanks to the god of water, rafts made of flowers and candles were floated on the river along with large, colorful floats.
201011_20 Hot Air Balloons (3)

These tribal people wear metal bands to stretch their necks as a way to ward off evil spirits.

201011_17  Tribals_Longnecks (2)
201011_17 Longnecks (4)

Notice how this tribal woman’s ears have been elongated by her earrings!
201011_17 Tribals_stretched earlobes

Here’s a sign we’ve never seen in our US homeland!
201011_23 Elephant Crossing Sign (2)

What fun to ride an elephant again!
201011_23 Suz and Richard with Elephants_Cr
201011_23 Suz and Richard Riding Elephant (2)

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.

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