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11/01/12    Early Thanksgiving 2012

"Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song."  Psalms 95:2

Oceana, WV

Since we will probably be living “across the pond” by Thanksgiving, our WV family hosted an early Thanksgiving get-together Saturday, October 27. 
001_201210_27 Suzanna and Richard_SM

Family, friends, food, fellowship!  How blessed we are!  Special thanks to Mamie and Jack Whitten who hosted the meal at the fellowship hall of Delilah United Methodist Church in Oceana, WV
002_201210_28 Mamie and Jack_SM

Jack with Pastor David White, Delilah United Methodist Church
003_201210_27 Jack and David (2)

Brenda and Eddie Samples
004_201210_27 Brenda and Eddie_SM02

George Stamper, JJ Whitten, Bill Terry, Richard Hanham, Dana McDonald, Randal Morgan, Jack Whitten
005_201210_27 George, JJ, Bill, Richard, Dana, Randal, Jack_SM

Rebecca McDonald and Margaret Terry
006_201210_27 Becky and Margaret_SM

Marsha and Pastor George Stamper
007_201210_27 Marsha and George Stamper_SM

Marsha Stamper, Mamie Whitten, Rebecca and Zoey McDonald, Margaret Terry, Suzanna Hanham, Diane Morgan
008_201210_27 Marsha, Mamie, Becky, Zoey, Margaret, Suzanna, Diane (3)02

Zoey McDonald – the youngest of our WV family
009_201210_27 Zoey eating corn_SM

Cousin Randal Morgan
011_201210_27 Randal_SM

Beckley, WV

What a blessing to spend time with Pastor Howard Harper and Laverne and with Pastor Bud Israel and Bernie!  (also pictured Richard and Suzanna Hanham and Mamie Whitten)
010_201210_25 Harpers, Hanhams, Israels,  Mamie_SM

Pastor Bud Israel and Bernie
012_201210_25 Bernie and Bud Israel_SM

Pastor Howard Harper and Laverne
013_201210_25 Howard and Laverne Harper_SM

Return to KY

We enjoyed summer-like weather to travel to WV, but we left quickly on October 29 to escape the blizzard that was bringing up to 2’ of snow and was heading to the area.  We are praying for all who are affected by these devastating storms!
014_Sandy Snow in WV02

To see more photos, find us on Facebook (Richard-Suzanna Hanham)!

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.

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