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11/02/07 (Richard) Suzanna is now home from the hospital after her thyroidectomy. She’s feeling weak and still a bit groggy but otherwise well. Praise the Lord! We won’t know any lab results until after Suzanna sees the doctor on November 14. However the doctor does not think there is any cancer in the nodules on the thyroid. Thanks for your prayers.

One day after Suzanna’s release from the hospital, our Sunday School class has a Western Roundup fellowship. Thankfully, Suzanna may be feeling well enough to attend. For those who remember Suzanna as a dedicated school teacher, you may be surprised to see how she has adapted to country living. Now she is enjoying living out in the country and driving a pickup truck.


10/18/07 (Richard) An F-3 tornado passed over our house as it headed towards Owensboro. Thankfully the hill behind our house caused it to jump over, so it only clipped the tops of our trees. It came down less than a mile east of our place and took out our power lines.

Unfortunately Third Baptist Church was in the tornado’s path. It is such a beautiful church and was similar to the Ryman Theater in Nashville. The tornado tore off the bell tower and caused it to fall through the sanctuary roof.




Click here to see the tornado path as it swept through western Kentucky.


10/15/07 (Richard) During October, the schools around Owensboro KY have Pioneer Days celebrations, where they demonstrate crafts and lifestyles from the early settler days. Suzanna is a member of the Yellowbanks Dulcimer Society and they performed at several of the local schools.




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