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(10/25/09 (Suzanna)  Can you believe that here we are on the other side of the world and this Muslim friend is singing, “Almost Heaven, West Virginia” to us?  Suzanna enjoyed harmonizing with him.
200910_09 CxBz Music__ Javed sm03

We have many varieties of bananas year-round (including these growing on trees outside our windows).  Some varieties of small bananas have black seeds like grapes!
200910_21 Bananas sm02

200910_09 Roadside Fruits sm02

No electricity?  No problem when you have an old-fashioned treadle sewing machine!  This tribal family lives in our city and have become close friends.  We recently enjoyed a meal cooked by this woman who is binding the edges of a blanket she wove.
200910_05 Lasiam's & foot pedal sewing machine_sm02

We treated our language teacher to a lunch buffet – the first buffet she had ever experienced.
200910_18 Panna's BD sm02

Construction workers having lunch break
200910_09 CxBz Constr Workers having lunch sm02

Like our national friends, we are eating without utensils, using our right hand only
200910_10 Mlmgt Ennani_sm02

Our Hindu cook brought his daughter, Puja, to visit during their biggest festival of the year – Durga Puja.  They live in a bamboo hut and have no running water. Puja had never had an iced drink, she did not like it; so her dad poured it back into the Coke bottle and took it home.  We suspect he used the Durga Puja bonus we gave him to buy her new clothes.  Durga Puja is like our Christmas, and employers are expected to give bonuses.  We also help with medical and education costs for his family.  Shonkar is such a blessing to us – a faithful, hard-working man.  He had flu recently but came to work anyway, probably afraid he would lose his job.  We of course sent him back home, paid his medical costs, and insisted he get well before he worked again.
200909_28 Shonkar & Daughter_sm02



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