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11/06/10 (Suzanna)

This man scaled a very large coconut palm tree in front of our house to get coconuts.  Note that he is carrying the coconut between his teeth because he needs both hands and both feet to hang on to the tree!

201009_17 Picking Coconuts02

Penny was thrilled to receive this squeaky fish from America!  Once she overcame her fear of the noise and decided, after much intent observation, that the “thing” was not alive, it did not take her long to gnaw a hole in it!
201010_24 Penny's toys from US

Wherever we go, we attract a crowd of curious spectators.  It was really funny when we visited a small zoo in our city, and nationals were taking pictures of us instead of the caged wild animals!  Recently we visited a tailor who is going to make Christmas decorations for us from fabrics received from American friends. 
What a crowd gathered!
201010_26 Tailor_Curious onlookers

We really appreciate the care packages many of you send us.  Christmas fabric panels will be sewn into decorations for us to use and to share with others.
201010_26 Tailor to make Christmas  Decorations

We recently attended a “Gaye Holud” celebrating an upcoming marriage for friends who returned to Oklahoma for the wedding ceremony in early November. 
201010_14 Jeremy and Rachel_sm

201010_14E cropped

201010_14C3 Painting Jeremy and Rachel

201010_14M Painting
Rachel has been running a school for girls from very poor families.  Her students and their mothers along with school staff and many friends attended the festivities.

It was a delight to visit friends on Halloween as they cut a jack-o-lantern with their children and a national friend.  Pumpkins are plentiful here but are darker colors than in America.
201010_31  jackolantern

We celebrated our French-speaking friend Evelyne’s birthday recently with her family and church.  These are the only Africans in our city.

201011_05  Evelyne's birthday

Beautiful flowers bloom here year round.
201011_05 Flowers in church yard near our house

As we walked to church this morning, this man selling live chickens was happy to pose for a picture.  Next a security guard ran out and asked to be in the picture also.  People here love to have their pictures taken!
201011_05 Chickens for Sale_Alive

Sadly, death here has little dignity when a body must be transported.  This man’s body is being transported on a rickshaw trolley.  His face was covered by a newspaper.  Recently a body wrapped in a bamboo mat was sticking out both sides of a CNG!  Both the head and the feet were almost hit by traffic on both sides!
201011_03 Dead man transported on rickshaw trolley_SM


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