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10/22/13   Fall Time in the UK

We are enjoying a pleasant autumn season.
001a_201310_19 Winkworth with Daniels Family (5)

We live near Westerham, the home of several historical men, including Winston Churchhill. In 1922 Winston Churchill MP purchased Chartwell Manor on the outskirts of Westerham, which, apart from the time he spent at 10 Downing Street, was his home for the rest of his life.
001b_201307_20 Churchill_W'ham (3)

General James Wolfe was born in Westerham in 1727 at what is now known as the Old Vicarage due to a terrible storm on the night of his birth. He lived in Quebec House 1727-1738. Many streets and buildings are named after him. St Mary's Church contains the font (receptacle for baptismal water) in which he was baptized and also a memorial window to him.
002_201307_20 Wolfe-Westerham (1)

In August we spent two weeks in Turkey.   It has taken us a long time to post our pictures.   To see pictures of our trip to Turkey, click here.
800 TurkeyTouristicMap03

This month we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with a turkey meal!  We invited neighbors from our apartment building to join us as we thanked God for our many blessings.
003_201310_12 Richard carving turkey_CA Tnksgving (1)

One guest is a professional magician, and he brought flowers!
004_201310_12 Clive and Suzanna_CA Tnksgving

We accompanied our magician friend to see him perform at The Magic Circle Museum in London.
005_201309_24 Suzanna and Richard at Magic Circle London

We recently enjoyed the fall leaves at Winkworth Arboretum with friends, the Daniels family.
006_201310_19 Winkworth with Daniels Family (25)

Ben and Joe enjoyed exploring Winkworth Arboretum.
007_201310_19 Winkworth with Daniels Family (36)


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