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South Asia Visit October 2014

Praise God for the opportunity to visit friends where we used to live in South Asia!

We had a pleasant flight but had some difficulty adjusting to the time difference.
001_201410_20 Dubai to Dhaka

Joyous reunion with friends near the Hazrat Shah Jalal Mausoleum!  Sufi mystic Shah Jalal came from Delhi to north-eastern Bengal in 1303 to war against the Hindu king Raja Gour Gobinda and spread the Islam faith.  His tomb is regularly visited by thousands of Muslim pilgrims.
002_201410_22 Hazrot Shah Jalal Memorial Shrine-Sylhet

We visited several interesting sites with our house helper and his family, including the tea gardens near Sylhet.
003_201410_22 with Friends in Sylhet Tea Gardens

View of one of the lovely tea gardens.
004_201410_22 Sylhet Tea Gardens

Tea garden workers returning from the market.
005b 201410_23 Workers

We enjoyed a wonderful meal, eating with our hands (South Asian style).
006_201410_22 Lunch with Shonkar, Loki and Puja

We encountered troops of monkeys along the city streets.  They enjoy eating bananas which grow everywhere.
007_201410_22 Monkeys in Sylhet

Along the roads between the cities are tiny little shops.
008_201410_22 Sylhet Street Scenes

The city streets are always full of vendors, people and vehicles.
009_201410_22 Sylhet Street Scene

010_201410_22 Sylhet Street Scenes

010b 201410_26 Shyamoli Streets

010c 201410_26 Shyamoli Streets

Our hearts grieved whenever we saw the many destitute people who lived and cooked on the side of the streets.
011_201410_21 Dhaka Street Scenes

How wonderful it was to spend time with our former driver again!
012_201410_24 Suzanna, Richard, Ali

Penny is older and slower but was thrilled when she recognized us – especially when Richard gave her British doggie treats!
013_201410_24 Penny at GH

We enjoyed a typical Bangladeshi meal with the guest house staff.  It was another opportunity to practice speaking the local language and eating without silverware.
014 201410_26 GH Staff Lunch

We did visit one of the Christian churches with our friends.
102 201410_25 Visit Church with friends

It was good to again hear some local worship music accompanied by the locally made musical instruments.
106 201410_27 Local Music

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Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.

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Oct 14-South Asia