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09/23/12    Visiting Canada!

We had not visited Richard’s Canadian family for more than 5 years, so it was a delight to go to Grande Prairie, Alberta, for a wedding and belated celebration of Mother Louise’s 80th birthday!

Happy 80th Birthday to Louise Hanham Griffiths!

We never found out who removed the “I” and made the cake say “Happy Birthday Louse!”
001_201209_13 Louise 80th birthday cake_SM

It was a joy to welcome to the family Herb Griffiths, whom Mother married June 10, 2012.
001B_201209_13MS Herb and Louise_SM

We enjoyed many family meals prepared by Martha who is a fabulous cook.
002_201209_09 Richard, Suzanna, Louise, Herb_SM

Richard’s brother Bob and his wife Beth from Vancouver
003_201209_13 Beth and Bob Hanham_SM

Cam Lawless, Xavier and Dallace Sirockman
004_201209_13 Cam and Dallace with Xavier_SM

Doug and Judith Greentree with Deanna and Victoria.  We were amazed to see pictures and hear stories about elk that Deanna and Victoria have killed!
005_201209_13 Doug and Judith Greentree with DeeAnna and Victoria_SM

Louise with brother Doug and sister Lorraine
006_201209_13 Doug, Louise and Lorraine_SM

Herb and Louise Hanham Griffiths with Louise’s children - Richard, Martha, Bob and Reg
007_201209_13 Herb and Louise Griffiths with Richard,Martha,Bob and Reg Hanham_SM

Herb and Louise Hanham Griffiths with Richard and Suzanna, Martha and Rick, Bob and Beth, and Reg and Carrie
008_201209_13 Herb and Louise with Richard,Suzanna,Rick,Martha,Bob,Beth,Reg,Carrie_SM

Rick and Martha Sirockman with daughters - Sheri, Dallace and Shauna
009_201209_13 Rick and Martha Sirockman with Sherri, Dallace and Shauna_SM

August 15, 2012, Dallace Sirockman married Cameron Lawless

Ready to go to the wedding: 

Dallace’s parents, Rick and Martha Sirockman
010_201209_15RH Rick and Martha_SM

Dallace’s Uncle Richard and Aunt Suzanna
012_201209_15RH Richard and Suzanna_SM04

Dallace’s Aunt Carrie and Uncle Reg
011_201209_15RH Carrie and Reg_SM04

Awaiting the bride’s arrival
013_201209_15RH Wedding (2)_SM

Wedding Ceremony
014_201209_15RH Wedding (3)_SM

Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Lawless
015_201209_15RH Wedding (2)_SM

Cutting the cake pop wedding cake
015A_201209_15MS Cake cutting_SM

Sirockman family
016_201209_15RH Sirockman family after wedding_SM

Herb, Louise, Cam, Dallace, Martha, Rick
017_201209_15RH Herb, Louise, Cam, Dallace, Martha, Rick_SM

Sheri, Ryan, Sammy, Max Brewster
018_201209_15RH Brewsters (2)_SM

Uncle David and Aunt Barbara Greentree
019_201209_15RH David and Barbara_SM

Uncle Doug and Aunt Judy Greentree
020_201209_15RH Doug and Judy_SM

Bob and Beth Hanham
021A_201209_15RH Bob and Beth Hanham_SM

Reg, Martha, Mother Louise, Bob, and Richard at the reception
021_201209_15RH Reg, Martha, Louise, Bob, Richard_SM

Sheri, Dallace, Shauna, and Martha
022_201209_15RH Sheri, Dallace, Shauna, Martha_SM

Reg and Richard with Uncle David, Cousin Gavin, and Uncle Doug
023_201209_15RH Reg, Richard, David, Gavin, Doug_SM

Greentrees enjoying the reception meal:  Carolyn, Barbara, David, Doug, Judy, Stephanie, Lorraine, and Gavin
024_201209_15RH Greentrees_SM

Post-Wedding Activities!

How fitting that “the last supper” was a thanksgiving feast with turkey and the trimmings!  How thankful we are for this memorable time with our beloved Canadian loved ones!
025_201209_17 Last Supper (2)_SM

We had a lovely drive between Edmonton and Grande Prairie and enjoyed stopping at this rest area.
026_201209_09 Richard, Valley View, Alberta (3)_SM

Thankfully, we had no problems with moose!
027_201209_18 Moose Crossing Sign

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