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09/13/14   2014 September in UK

Praise God for lovely fall weather and the opportunity to see interesting places on Saturdays in UK!

Visit with Friends

On September 13, we enjoyed a visit from the Daniels family – Ben, Kristy, Joe, and Jeremy pictured at the site of Reigate castle.  It was a day of celebration – our 11th wedding anniversary and an early celebration of Joe’s 10th birthday (Sept 28).
001_201409_13 Reigate Castle_Daniels Family

We toured Reigate Caves and museum with the Daniels family.  During WWII, the caves were used as air raid shelters.
002_201409_13 Reigate Caves, Danielses and Hanhams

The Daniels family and we visited St. Mary’s church.  In 1661 windows were smashed and torn out.  Remnants of the medieval glass were gathered up and reset later in “higgledy piggledy” fashion in a window of the church’s Cranston library, England’s first lending library.  On Heritage Open Days, we were privileged to see Cranston Library which is seldom open to the public.  We were especially impressed to see Bibles dating back to the 1200s! 
003_201305_03 St Mary's Reigate

Petworth, West Sussex, UK

Petworth House in Petworth, West Sussex, England, is a late 17th-century mansion, which houses an important collection of paintings and sculptures.
004_201409_20 Petworth House

We enjoyed walking the grounds of Petworth House.
005_201409_20 Petworth House Fields

Magnificent herds of fallow deer have called Petworth Park home for over 500 years. They were reportedly hunted by Henry VIII on his visit to Petworth in the 1500s. Today around 900 of them grace the parkland.
006_201409_20 Petworth House - Fallow Deer

Walking from Reigate to Dorking

On September 27 we walked The North Downs Way from Reigate to Dorking (about 12 miles).
007A_201409_27 Walk Reigate to Dorking-Heading out

A sober beginning to our walk – a memorial to 9 US airmen who died in an airplane crash on this site March 19, 1945.
007B_201409_27 Walk Reigate to Dorking-Crash Site of 9 USA airmen

We started from Gatton Park.  Reigate (our home) is in the valley.
008_201409_27 Walk Reigate to Dorking

Walking North Downs Way from Reigate to Dorking
011_201409_27 Walk Reigate to Dorking-Richard and Suzanna

Walking North Downs Way from Reigate to Dorking
013_201409_27_JB Walk Reigate to Dorking

Betchworth Lime Quarry; we walked atop white cliffs
014_201409_27 Walk Reigate to Dorking-Betchworth Lime Quarry

Walking North Downs Way from Reigate to Dorking
015A_201409_27 Walk Reigate to Dorking

Walking North Downs Way from Reigate to Dorking
015B_201409_27_JB Walk Reigate to Dorking

The remains of a 200-year-old tree at Box Hill, Dorking
016_201409_27 Walk Reigate to Dorking-Box Hill

Break time at Box Hill, Dorking; the area was quite crowded with bikers who had completed a race.
017_201409_27 Walk Reigate to Dorking-Box Hill

A steep descent of 275 steps took us from the top of Box Hill to Stepping Stones that crossed the River Mole.
018_201409_27_JB Walk Reigate to Dorking

We were happy to walk into Dorking and see the Cockerel!  Introduced by the Romans, the cockerel became the premier breed in the country in the 19th century winning innumerable prizes with its impressive appearance and the excellent quality of its meat and eggs, and a favorite with Queen Victoria.
019_201409_27 Walk Reigate to Dorking-Cockerell

We opted to ride the train back to Redhill!  Praise God for such a memorable day and walk!
020_201409_27 Walk Reigate to Dorking-Train back to Redhill

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Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.

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