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09/30/07 (Richard) We are proud to show this early picture of our latest grandson, Ian Michael Estes, who is expected to be born on December 15th to our daughter Renee and her husband Michael.


Last Saturday we went to the Sorghum Festival in Hawesville KY, where they still squeeze sorghum cane to get the sorghum juices and boil it down to sorghum syrup.


During the Sorghum Festival, the Yellowbanks Dulcimer Society held a concert. Suzanna joined the club earlier this year and this was her first public performance.

Soon Richard will be joining Suzanna in retirement, so we can embark on a new career in Christian missions work. To show their support of our desire for Missions service, our church issued a Certificate of License.


08/19/07 (Richard) – During the first part of August, Richard and Suzanna traveled to Grande Prairie, Alberta to attend the wedding of their niece, Sherri Sirockman to Ryan Brewster.
Sherri & Ryan Wedding (39)04


Since the Hanham clan is so scattered across Canada and the US, this offered an opportunity to have a brief Hanham family reunion.

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07/28/07 (Richard) – A big family reunion of the Hanham family is planned for August 2008. This includes all the descendants of Frank and Bessie Hanham and their six children, which include my dad, Tom Hanham. Frank and Bessie immigrated from England and homesteaded on the Canadian prairie. The family reunion web site contains lots of old pictures and some new pictures, showing pictures of the family tree.

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