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(09/21/09 (Suzanna)  We have been 20 km beyond the end of the world, visiting a beautiful tropical island in South Asia.
200909_11J Beach at St. Martins_sm

The trip began pleasantly with almost 4 hours on a nice, A/C bus.
 200909_09 Bus to Cox's Bazar_sm

The next part of the trip was a 3-hour ride on a local bus where the only “A/C” was from open windows.  It’s a good thing we only took backpacks, because we had to hold everything on our laps.
200909_10J Bus Trip to Teknaf_Hanhams on local bus_sm02

At the last town on the mainland, we spend a fairly comfortable night.  The lovely hills reminded us of WV!
200909_10 Suz at Teknaf Hotel_sm

200909_11J Teknaf (21)02

Riding a rickshaw on the mainland
200909_11J Teknaf _Hanhams in rickshaw_sm

Since it is not yet tourist season, the ferry was not in operation.
200909_11J Teknaf boat_ sm

To get to the island, our only choice was to ride a cargo boat – three hours in blazing sun with no passenger seats!  By the time we spotted the island, we were beginning to hum the theme from “Gilligan’s Island” about the 3-hour cruise.
200909_12_Boat from St Martins to Teknaf_sm

The fishermen and their families live in bamboo shacks with dirt floors.  Although the children were friendly, wanting money from us, the men saw us as suspicious foreigners.  We did not feel welcome.
200909_12 St Martins (10)

200909_11 St Martins Boys_sm

200909_12 St Martins (14)

Paradise?  Don’t believe it!  Getting back home to our own bed was paradise!
200909_12 Paradise Hotel, St Martins_sm

Despite the discomforts of the trip, we saw beautiful country and made some wonderful memories.  We celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary September 13 and thank God for our marriage and wonderful life together!
200909_12 St Martins_Hanhams, St Martins_sm


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